Lundborg-Land German Shepherd Females

Excellent Temperament and Certified

A lot of work goes into the selection, training and showing of our German Shepherd females. Some have been Imported from Germany and some are bred in America from German Stock.

ALL our German Shepherd Females must have excellent temperament to be mothers of our German Shepherd puppies. ALL of our German Shepherds have been hip certified either through the SV in Germany “a” stamp or with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals commonly known as OFA, before breeding. Only through selective choosing of breeding partners, do we pick the stable temperament for our German Shepherd dogs and German Shepherd puppies.

 Photo coming soon Ariele vom Lundborg-Land, OFA H&E   DM Free         
thumbs fem1 stand Females Gina vom Lundborg-Land, “a” DM Free


thumbs jill 2012 1640 Females V-Jill vom Hauswalder Bach, SchH 1, KKl 1, “a” DM Free


thumbs Onka vom Lundborg Land new Females SG-Onka vom Lundborg-Land, OFA  DM Free
thumbs albert daughter Females SG-Ora vom Lundborg-Land, AD, Hips “Good”  DM Free
thumbs oschi dux dtr Females V-Oschi von der Roten Matter, “a” H&E SchH 1, KKl 1,DM Free
thumbs Paris vom Lundborg Land Females Paris vom Lundborg-Land, ,DM Free
thumbs fem4 stand remo daughter Females Quinie vom Zellergrund, OFA H&E, DM Free


thumbs fem8 stand negus daughter Females Rylie vom Lundborg-Land, DM Free              


thumbs shayennestd 0 Females Shayenne vom Lundborg-Land, OFA H&E  DM Free
thumbs trixie vom lundborg land edited 1 Females Trixie vom Lundborg-Land, OFA H&E  DM Free
thumbs panjo dtr Females Ussi vom Lundborg-Land, “a” normal H & E DM Free
thumbs fem 6 stand1 0 Females Wendrina vom Lundborg-Land “a” Normal DM Free






thumbs xittejpg Females Xitta vom Lundborg-Land, “a”normal, DM Free
thumbs Zady vom Lundborg Land Sep 22 2012 4 19 PM 2100x1500 Females Zady vom Lundborg-Land, “a” normal H & E DM Free
thumbs lizzy640 Females V-Lizzy vom Lundborg-Land, SchH 1, KKl 1.”a” DM Free


thumbs pia edited 1 Females V-Pia vom Hauswalder Bach, SchH 3, KKl1 DM Free
thumbs u2640 Females V-U2 vom Lundborg-Land, IPO 1 “a”  H &E DMFree
thumbs vivi640 Females V-Vivi vom Lundborg-Land,SchH1,KKl DM Free  RETIRED
thumbs zara640 Females V-Zara vom Gotaland, SchH 3, FH, KKl1 DM Free

Twenty-Five Years of German Shepherd Excellence