Nana vom Hauswalder Bach

V Nana vom Hauswalder Bach, IGP 1, “a” normal H & E

Nana is a German Import from the famous Hauswalder Bach kennel.  She is a beautiful black and red female imported to the USA!  We look forward to many years with her.  She is always friendly, bubbly, and easy to be with.

V Nana vom Hauswalder Bach’s Pedigree

First Generation
Sire: SG Fritz von Oasis
IPO1, Kkl, “a”
Dam: V(BSZS) Xia vom Hauswalder Bach
IPO1, Kkl, “a”

Second Generation
Sire: VA3 Cronos del Seprio
IPO3, Kkl, “a”
Dam: V Hibiscus du Val D’Anzin
IPO2, Kkl, “a”
Sire: VA Leo von der Zenteiche
IPO3, Kkl 1, “a”
Dam: V Rosana vom Hauswalder Bach
IPO1, Kkl, “a”

Third Generation
Sire: VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag
SchH3, IPO3, Kkl 1, “a”
Dam: V1 VA(CH+I) Afra del Seprio
SCHH2, Kkl 1, “a”
Sire: VA3(F) Clyde de l’etang de freville
RCI 1 – BREVET RING, Kkl 1, “a”
Dam: VA5(FR) V1(BEL) Baly du Val d’Anzin
SCHH2, Kkl 1, “a”
Sire: VA9 2X VA1(CN) Furbo degli Achei (2006)
SCHH3, IPO2, Kkl 1, “a”
Dam: V Yanka von der Zenteiche
SCHH2, Kkl 1, “a”
Sire: VA Omen vom Radhaus
SCHH3, IPO3, Kkl 1, “a”
Dam: Zaira aus der Brunnenstraße
Kkl 1, HD ZW 79 (04-2013)