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It is our policy that every bitch meet the following requirements prior to breeding::

· AKC Registered \ SV

· X-Rayed and found clear of Hip Dysplasia

· Tested and Found Negative for Brucellosis

This test must be done by a licensed Veterinarian within ten days of breeding and proof, in writing is to be submitted.

· Currently Vaccinated and De-wormed

· Free from Ticks, Fleas, Mites and Lice

Lundborg-Land German Shepherd Kennels reserves the right to refuse breeding to any bitch that does not meet these requirements.

Stud Service Fee:

Payment due in full upon arrival of BITCH.

If no tie occurs, the Stud Fee will be refunded. If a tie occurs, the Stud Fee will not be refunded in whole or in part. If a tie occurs but the BITCH fails to become pregnant (in whelp), the owner of the BITCH must notify Lundborg-Land German Shepherd Kennels in writing not later than 50 days after the date of this contract. A return service will be given to the same STUD DOG (if said Stud Dog is still available) without charge, at the next heat (and only the next heat).

(We do recommend a progesterone test or vaginal smear be performed by a veterinarian, prior to breeding, in order to help the owner to determine optimum breeding time). Unless such notice is given, the right to a return service is forfeited. If the BITCH changes ownership, the right of a return service is at Lundborg-Land German Shepherd Kennels option. If no litter is conceived after the second breeding, the stud dog owner is under no obligation.

Boarding Waiver:

The  Stud Fee includes the cost of boarding the BITCH at the Kennel during the initial period of stud services if the owner of the BITCH desires such boarding for up to 2 nights, if the owner of the female lives more than 3 hours away.   While the BITCH is on the premises of the Kennel, the Kennel agrees to exercise reasonable and customary care. So long as the kennel shall have exercised reasonable and customary care, the kennel shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the bitch from disease, death, running away, theft, fire, injury from other dogs, persons or property, or acts of god or unavoidable causes, nor shall the kennel be liable for any loss or damage to persons, property or other dogs caused by the bitch.

Shipping Costs: The Stud Fee does not include shipping charges. The owner of the BITCH is responsible for all shipping charges to and from Ontario (California) Airport or to and from Los Angeles (California) Airport (LAX). If the owner of the BITCH so requests, we will provide such transportation for a charge of $150.00 per trip.

I agree to the terms of this breeding and or boarding agreement.

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