German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

The Perfect German Shepherd for Both Work and Play!

The German Shepherd puppy litters listed below represent years of Lundborg-Land breeding experience. We are very proud of our males and females that produce our top quality puppies. Great care is taken in the selection of the male and female to insure the best German Shepherd Puppy for you.

Puppies are born in the comfort of Linda’s house and then placed in whelping rooms. Puppy litters are then watched on video cameras from different locations. They are assessed each day as staff and visitors are allowed to interact with the puppies to allow for maximum socialization.

Current Puppy Litters

Up Coming Puppy Litters

Litters temporally out of stock.
Litters temporally out of stock.

Due to extremely high demand for puppies, we are taking deposits based on next availability for puppies in date order of deposit received.  We are having litters, but they already have deposits.  We are expecting some extra puppies from these [...]