Zander Jenna Litter

Due Approximately 2/20/21

Go Home Approximately 4/17/21

This litter will be a 100% long hair litter!!


Zander vom Lundborg-Land

Zander vom Lundborg-Land, "a" DM Free Zander is a long hair male.  Fun, personality plus.  Very dark in the face and body.  Mother is the Italian Import Blanka dell' Archeotipo and the German dog Timon vom Kirshental.


Jenna vom Lundborg-Land
Jenna vom Lundborg-Land, “a” normal, DM Free

Jenna vom Lundborg-Land is a beautiful long hair female.  She will carry the lines from Ken and Dana both German Imports.  Sweet Jenna is now added to our female lineup.

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