Karlsson x Oups Litter

1 Male remaining  in this litter!  PUPPIES CAN GO HOME NOW!  Come meet your next family member.   Beautiful puppies in this pairing!

Born 11/28/22



Karlsson von der wilden Dreizehn
Karlsson von der wilden Dreizehn

Karlsson, ....OMG!  IGP 3, KKl Lifetime, H & E "a" normal.  We love this dog!!  Just imported from Germany!  Long Hair, beautiful pigmentation, full of fun and drive!!


Oups du Val d'Anzin
Oups du Val d’anzin, “a” Normal H & E

Oups is a female from the country of France and the famous du Val d’ Anzin kennel.  She is a very personable female with lots of character. DOB 6/20/2018. Beautiful black and red female with so many VA’s in her pedigree. Oups has been "a" stam [...]

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