Valerie vom Lundborg-Land, H “a” normal E “fnormal”, DM Free

Valerie is from Jaci vom Lundborg-Land and VA-Team Leiksaid Kapitan.  She is 7 years old and ready for her forever home.  She is extremely dark faced and dark body.  Really good with people, kids and male dogs.  Can be shy at first but is very sweet.

Valerie’s Parents

VA-Team Leiksaid Kapitan, SchH 3 Sire
VA-Team Leiksaid Kapitan, SchH 3 Sire

Jaci vom Lundborg-Land Dam
Jaci vom Lundborg-Land Dam

Valerie vom Lundborg-Land’s Pedigree

First Generation
Sire: VA Team Leiksaid Kapitan
IPO 3, KKl 1, “a”
Dam: Jaci vom Lundborg-Land
“a” normal

Second Generation
Sire: VA Cobra d’Ulmental
IPO 3, KKl 1 “a”
Dam: VA Bar-Waxan Ely’cee
IPO 1 KKl 1 “a”
Sire: VA Aslan vom Turkenkopf
SchH 3, KKl 1 “a”
Dam: V Jill vom Hauswalder Bach
SchH 3, FH, KKl 1, “a’

Third Generation
Sire: VA Remo vom Fichtenschlag
SchH3, KKl 1, “a”
Dam: V Venus d’Ulmental
SchH 1, KKl 1, “a”
Sire: V Markus vom Status Quo
SchH 3, KKl 1, “a”
Dam: V Bar-Waxan Disne
IPO 1 KKl 1 “a”
Sire: VA Paer vom Hasenborn
SchH 3 KKl 1, “a”
Dam: V Enya vom Steinernen Weg
SchH 1, KKl1 “a”
Sire: V Irok Karanberg
SchH 3 KKl 1 “a”
Dam: V Jamaika Vom Valtenberg
SchH 1,KKl 1 “a”