Asap Vom Aldamar

Large, powerful and full-bodied male with a very beautiful head and expression. High withers, harmonious top and bottom line, good position and length of the croup, very good angulations in the fore and hindquarters, balanced chest proportions, correct front. Stepping straight in front and behind, develops expansive gaits with powerful replenishment and free advance with very good balance. TSB pronounced.

Asap Vom Aldamar’s Pedigree

First Generation
Sire: V13 VA2(USA) Fight vom Holtkämper Hof
IPO3, Kkl passed, “a”
Dam: V Galina vom Frankengold
IPO2, Kkl passed, “a”

Second Generation
Sire: VA8(BSZS) VA1(USA) VA2(B) Peik vom Holtkämper Hof
SchH3, Kkl 1, “a”
Dam: V Liselotte vom Holtkämper Hof
SCHH3, Kkl 1, “a”
Sire: 2x VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag
SCHH3, IPO3, Kkl 2, “a”
Dam: V3 VA2(USA) Grace vom Frankengold
SchH2, IPO3, Kkl 1, “a”

Third Generation
Sire: VA4 2x VA1(IRE) Ilbo vom Holtkämper See
SCHH3, IPO3, Kkl 1, “a”
Dam: V Roma vom Holtkämper See
SCHH3, Kkl 1, “a”
Sire: V Eddy vom Holtkämper See
SCHH2, Kkl 1, “a”
Dam: V Nala vom Holtkämper Hof
SCHH3, Kkl 1, “a”
Sire: V Ray vom Fichtenschlag
SCHH3, Kkl 1, “a”
Dam: V Thora vom Fichtenschlag
SCHH3, Kkl 1, “a”
Sire: V19 BSZS 2009 Bruno von Vierhundert Hertz SCHH 3
SCHH3, Kkl 1, “a”
Dam: V1, SG13 BSZS 2007 Darling vom Frankengold
IPO3, Kkl 1, “a”