V-Arrex vom Westervenn, IPO 2,”a” DM n/n

V-Arrex vom Westervenn, IPO 2, KKl 1 “a” DM Free

Arrex is a stunning, masculine black and red male with outstanding temperament and personality. His work-ability is fun, quick and accurate.  Arrex is an extremely athletic male, who loves to jump walls and scale huge hills.

German Shepherd Description

  • Arrex SG
  • Arrex With Puppies
  • Arrex Lay
  • Arrex Head 1
  • Arrex Head Shot
  • Arrex Ring Training
  • Arrex Stand 2
  • Arrex With Puppy
  • Arrex In Stand
  • Arrex at 11 Months
  • Arrex With Trixie
  • Arrex Retrieving
  • Arrex With Daughter Eska
  • Arrex Bite Work


VA-Quenn vom Löher Weg, SchH 3, FH, KKl 1, “a”
VA-Paer vom Hasenborn, SchH 3, FH1, KKl 1 “a”
V1 (USA) Yada vom Mittelwest, SchH 3, KKl 1, “a”
Sire: VA-Etoo aus Wattenscheid ,SchH 3, FH 1, KKl 1, “a”
VA1-Pakros d’Ulmental SchH 3, KKl 1, “a”
V-Chelsea aus Wattenscheid, SchH 1, KKl 1 “a”
V-Buffie aus Wattenscheid, SchH 2, KKl 1 “a”
V-Arrex vom Westervenn, IPO 2, KKl 1 “a” DM Free
V-Richy vom Westervenn, SchH 3 KKl 1, “a”
V-Nemo von der Lengernheide SchH 3, KKl 1 “a”
V-Warinka von der Burg Hausbrünnl, SchH 3, kkl1 “a”
Dam: V-Riva von der Königsgarde, SchH 1, KKl 1, “a”
V-Wallace aus Agrigento, SchH 3,KK 1″a”
V-Eibe von der Königsgarde, SchH 1 KKl 1, “a’
V-Eska vom Schimmelberg, SchH 1, KKl 1, “a”