Lars du val d'anzin

Large, strong, good type, masculine character. High withers, correct croup in length and position, very good angulations of the fore and hindquarters, perfect breast conditions, straight front. When pedaled correctly, he shows spirited gears with a lot of space. TSB pronounced V. Particularly expressive male with a harmonious overall appearance.

Lars du val d’anzin’s Pedigree

First Generation
Sire: VA9 BSZS 2017 Vaiko vom Suentelstein
IPO3, Kkl passed, “a”
Dam: V Fina du val d’Anzin

Second Generation
Sire: VA(BSZS, DK, NL) Fred vom Rumbachtal
SchH3, Kkl 1, “a”
Dam: V Nancie vom Suentelstein
IPO2, SchH1, Kkl passed, “a”
Sire: VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag
SCHH3, IPO3. Kkl 1. “a”
Dam: VA2(NL) SG7 Dginy du Pre Moussey
SCHH2, COMPP, Kkl 1, “a”

Third Generation
Sire: VA2 Yerom vom Haus Salihin
SCHH3, FH1, Kkl 1, “a”
Dam: V11 VA3(NL) Zaira vom Rumbachtal
SCHH3, Kkl 1, “a”
Sire: V, (SG5 BSZS JHKR 2009) Nelson vom Frankengold
SCHH3, Kkl 1, “a”
Dam: V (LGZS) Nora vom Suentelstein
SchH3, Kkl 1, “a”
Sire: V Ray vom Fichtenschlag
SCHH3, Kkl 1, “a”
Dam: V Thora vom Fichtenschlag
SCHH3, Kkl 1, “a”
Sire: VA2 FRA 2007 Adel du Val D’Anzin
SCHH3, Kkl 1, “a”
Dam: Bid’jeez du Pré Moussey
SCHH1, Kkl 1, “a”