Lundborg-Land German Shepherd Studs


VA-Ken vom Team Baierblick,IPO 3,KKl
Ken is DM Free
V-Arrex vom Westervenn, IPO 2, KKl “a”
Arrex is DM Free
V-Visum vom Gleisenauer Schloss, SchH 3, KKl 1″a”
Visum is DM Free
SG-Rondo vom Haus Röhner, “a” normal H & E
Rondo is DM Free
V-Shico von der Roten Matter, SchH 3 , KKL1 “a”
Shico is DM Free Frozen Semen only


VA-Urban vom Gleisenauer Schloss, SchH 3, KKl 1
Urban is DM Free RETIRED

Our Studs Are Used By Clients World Wide

Lundborg-Land German Shepherd Kennels offer only the very best choices when it comes to breeding partners. Only hip & elbow certified males with excellent temperament are used. We have the very best German Shepherd studs in our kennel. They are used by us and clients from all over the world.

High Quality German Shepherd Stud Service From Lundborg-Land Kennels

If you are interested in our German Shepherd Stud Service please read our German Shepherd Stud Service Contractand contact us at (951) 443-4318 about any questions you may have about our services. E-mail You may also use our Contact Form.