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Lundborg-Land is a breeder of top quality German Shepherd Puppies and Schutzhund German Shepherd Dogs for sale.  We are located in Southern California. When you purchase a dog from us you can be assured that years of breeding experience has gone into the development and selection of your German Shepherd dog or puppy.

VA Ken vom Team Baierblick, IPO 3, KKl
One of our top VA German Shepherd stud, producer of show/work quality German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies


My name is Linda Lundborg. In 1992, my husband and I started breeding German Shepherd puppies at our kennels in Southern California on ten acres. We used imported German Shepherd working line dogs. Our first German Shepherd dogs were my husband’s female Katcha vom Eichendorf, SchH 2, KKl 2 and then, a very young male, Uras vom Holzener-Land.

At that time, we had a Schutzhund field on our property, and we trained our German Shepherd dogs many times a week. I put a “BH”, AD, SchH 1,2 and 3 on Uras. Our first SchH 3 score was 280 and qualified us for the 1993 National Schutzhund Competition. I became one of the elite members of the SCHUTZHUND 3 Club under USCA.

We Breed Good Tempered Quality  German Shepherd Dogs

We bred the “working line” German Shepherd and found that the people who bought our German Shepherd Puppies could not handle the “high drive” energy level they had. They also did not have the sound structure or the temperament so badly needed for pet homes. So we decided to breed a better tempered, more quality structured German Shepherd dog.

In 1993, we went to Germany and purchased Hungarian Sieger VA1-Zank vom Trienzbachtal, SchH 3, IPO 3, FH, KKl 1.  We also purchased two beautiful Schutzhund titled German Shepherd females, V-Amsel von der Roten Matter, SchH 1, and V-Mande vom Trienzbachtal, SchH 1.  We began showing all over the United States in all of the German Shepherd shows and we enjoyed the camaraderie of other German Shepherd breeders, enthusiasts and fans.

Ruby's German Shepherd Puppies nathansolo German Shepherd Puppies from Drake and Dolly German Shepherd Puppies from Drake and Dolly

In 2001, we had the pleasure of purchasing the very famous VA 1, Lord vom Georg Vicktor Turm, SchH 3, KKl 1. In 1995 he was the Junghund Sieger in the German Shepherd Sieger Show in Germany. Lord, in turn, went V-11 in 1996 , V-4 in 1997 and V-2 in 1998. Many, many times V-1 rated in every show.

The German Shepherd stud that we use today to complement the beautiful show lines shown above is VA-1 Urban vom Gleisenauer Schloss, SchH 3, KKl 1. He was imported to the United States in 2004 and was the German Shepherd Sieger, VA-1 in the Canadian Sieger Show in 2005 and the United Schutzhund Club of America, German Shepherd Sieger, VA-1, in Reno, Nevada in 2005.

The Perfect German Shepherd Dog for Both Work and Play!

The lines we have today at our California kennels exemplify our choice for the “perfect German Shepherd” dog for both work and play. We are German Shepherd Breeders that breed the German “SV” way with mostly Schutzhund titled, hip certified German Shepherd Dogs.

When you buy German Shepherd Puppies or German Shepherd Dogs from us, you can be assured that they are of the highest quality! We ship German Shepherds to our customers world wide so we can service your needs no matter where you are located.