Phantom and Phoenix

Phantom and Phoenix

Phantom and Phoenix are 11-week old male, stock coat puppies.

These two puppies were diagnosed with Megaesophagus aka MegaE.

MegaE is a congenital condition whereby the smooth muscle in the esophagus does not have the proper tone/motility to allow for a dog to swallow correctly.

There are no surgical or medical corrections for this condition, but it can be managed with a proper diet, feeding protocol, and, in some cases, the addition of certain medications.

Every dog is different and there are varying degrees of the condition. Currently, Phantom and Phoenix appear to have a mild form of MegaE.

It is a life long condition, so it requires either experience and/or a willingness to learn how to manage it. This will help to ensure proper growth, as well as avoid aspirated or bacterial pneumonia, which is the number one cause of early death in a MegaE dog.

Otherwise, Phantom and Phoenix are normal, healthy puppies who love to play, sleep, wrestle, cuddle, and run.

Please take the time to read about the condition.

I’m looking for approved homes for both. A rehoming fee will apply.

You can text me at 949-275-6680.

Rayetta Philen