Zack vom Lundborg-Land

Zack vom Lundborg-Land, H & E “a” normal, DM Free

Zack is another fun dog. He is 4 years old, “a” normal “a” stamp from Germany Hips and Elbows.  He  is litter brother to Zophia and Zander. Their mother was the Italian born Blanka dell’ Archeotipo, imported to Germany and bred to one of the last Kirschental dogs, V-Timon vom Kirschental, IPO3. Zack produces large bulky puppies with big heads and lots of bone.

Zack vom Lundborg-Land
Zack vom Lundborg-Land

Zack vom Lundborg-Land’s Pedigree

First Generation
Sire: V Timon vom Kirschental
SchH 3,KKl 1, “a”
Dam: V Blanka Dell’ Archeotipo
IPO 1, “a”

Second Generation
Sire: 2x VA1 Ballack von der Brucknerallee
IPO 3, KKl 1 “a”
Dam: V Maxie vom Kirschental
SchH 3, KKl 1 “a”
Sire: V Arko Della Grande Valle
SchH 3, KKl 1 “a”
Dam: V Corena d’Altavilla
IPO 2 KKl 1, “a’

Third Generation
Sire: VA8 Hagadahls Figo
SchH 3, KKl 1, “a”
Dam: V Clea vom Konigsadler
SchH 2, KKl 1, “a”
Sire: VA2 Odin vom Holtkamper Hof
SchH 3, KKl 1, “a”
Dam: V1 Tinkie vom Kirschental
SchH 1, HGH “a”
Sire: V Ziko Della Vignazzola
SchH 2 KKl 1, “a”
Dam: VA Blanka Della Gens Pontina
IPO 2 “a”
Sire: V Idol Di Casa Falbo
IPO 2,KK 1″a”
Dam: V Fon Degli Arvali
IPO 1, KKl 1, “a”